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Jesus in Plain Clothes

How well do you know Jesus? Do you know Him as well as you'd like to know him? Do you have questions about the God that you need answered? Are you looking for some weekly encouragement through the Word of God in the comfort of your home? If so, this broadcast will bless your life. Tune in each Tuesday at noon for powerful life principles and Jesus stories on my Facebook page!

Heaven is in the Room by Nicole Bonds

Perfect Soaking Worship Music 

Heaven is in the Room- Video

Check out my new prophetic soaking worship video!

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Your Destiny is Waiting on the BEST You!

You have a destiny in God but sometimes circumstances hinder us from seeing the big picture. We have so much within us but don't know how to use access it and use it. I want to help you unlock the answers you need!


She is known as the Trusted Advisor!

With new seasons come new players. God declares we win! If you are not seeing victory in your life don't fret. Sometimes you need a coach to help you win! I can help you develop a strategy to get from the place you're in into the place that you are flourishing and fulfilled.


The Ministry of Life Support

I want to help you get your life back! 

Are you in a stagnant place right now?

Are you in a place called isolation all while God seems silent?

Do you lack answers to life's questions?

Do you want to live your best life now?

Let me HELP YOU!

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